About Jennifer Novelli

Jennifer was raised Cape Elizabeth and Boothbay Harbor on the coast of Maine, and currently resides in Dover, NH along the Bellamy River. She graduated from the University of Maine with her B.A. in Studio Art in painting. Following college she worked for several years as a graphic designer for a newspaper and then chose to be a full time mother. Jen and her husband Mike have three children and for many years she joked that she went to art school to decorate birthday cakes and help with school projects. Jen states that, "In every form of visual art the most important part is seeing. Even when art took a backseat to jobs, raising children, etc., seeing has always been a vital part of my life. Whether driving down the highway with the sun glistening through the trees or observing the reflections cast into the water, I am always observing.

As her children grew, she started to again find time for creativity. In 2013, she completed an adult certificate in Photography at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Jen has been painting around the world, with her main focus on plein air painting on the coast of New Hampshire and Maine.